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Veterinary Acupuncture

Georgetown Animal Clinic, PC is very excited to announce that Dr. Scott has completed the course work, case study and examinations required to be certified in veterinary acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been used on animals for over 4000 years. Chinese “horse doctors” practiced acupuncture on the army’s horses for the Emperor around 2000 BC.

Here at Georgetown Animal Clinic, acupuncture will be used for musculoskeletal problems, internal medicine problems, chronic arthritic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, nerve damage, epilepsy, cancer and other long-term ailments.

How can acupuncture help your pet?

Used in conjunction with existing Western treatments, acupuncture can be a great, non-invasive way to improve the health of your pet, with virtually no side effects.

Most pets feel no (or minimal) sensation on the insertion of “hair-thin” needles. Actually, many patients may fall asleep.

If you are interested to see if acupuncture will help your pet, call our office at 633-7123 to schedule your consultation.