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Laboratory Photos - Staff working in the lab and lab equipment shown


Our sophisticated diagnostic laboratory equipment enables our veterinary technicians to perform a variety of in-house testing.  Complete Blood Counts, Chemistry Profiles, Urinalysis, Heartworm testing, Feline Leukemia/AIDS testing, Fecal Analysis, Ear Smears, and Fungal Cultures are among the tests performed routinely in our facility.


Our The automated blood cell counter allows for rapid analysis of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.  In addition, our technicians manually look at blood slides to be certain there are no abnormalities present that are not recognized by the counter.


The blood chemistry analyzer allows us to evaluate your pet's liver, kidney, and pancreatic functions. It also aids in the diagnosis of diseases such as diabetes, certain types of cancers, Addison's disease, and thyroid conditions.  Electrolytes and protein levels are measured as well.


In addition to performing test in our hospital, we utilize outside laboratories for more specialized testing.  We thoughtfully choose laboratories based on accuracy and cost efficiency.


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