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Advanced Pet Care Technology



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Laser Surgery:  Your pet's health is as important to us as it is to you. We are pleased to offer laser surgery as an exciting new option for safe, comfortable treatment. In many procedures, the laser can replace the scalpel and provide a better alternative to traditional surgery.

Tono-Pen:   (Measures Intraocular Pressure)  Glaucoma is a group of diseases of the eye characterized by increased intraocular pressure.  Glaucoma results in blindness by blocking the nerve impulses through the optic nerve.  Once the optic nerve has been permanently damaged, there can be no restoration of vision.

Veterinary Telemedicine:   Telemedicine provides the ability to transmit diagnostic images such as radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound images, cytology, photographs and case information over ordinary phone lines to board certified specialists.

Ultrasonography:   Ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool that has been used in veterinary internal medicine since the early 1980's and has been used here at Georgetown Animal Clinic, PC since 1990.  Ultrasonography is an imaging technique in which deep structures of the body are visualized by recording the reflection (echoes) of ultrasonic waves directly into the tissue.  

Digital Radiography:   Digital radiography constitutes one of the most exciting and esteemed advances in x-ray technology.  With this leading-edge system, x-rays are available instantly for viewing, are taken with a significantly less amount of radiation, and allow for a better quality image