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Chemistry Profile

Chemistry Profile

Total Protein (TP)     Albumin (ALB)Albumin/Globulin Ratio (A:G)

These are measurements of protein levels. Albumin may be decreased with disorders of the intestines, kidneys, or liver. It may also decrease with a decrease in nutrition intake. The globulin level may decrease due to intestinal disease, and may increase in response to inflammation.

BUN                                       Phosphorus (PHOS)              Creatinine (CREAT)

These tests of kidney function should be run in conjunction with a urinalysis for the most accurate assessment of kidney function.


This is a measurement of blood sugar. Increased levels may indicate diabetes. In cats, elevations may occur in conjunction with stress. A subnormal level may occur with several disorders including liver problems, severe infection, certain types of cancer, Addison's disease (a disorder of the adrenal glands), and malnutrition.

Alkaline Phosphorus(Alk Phos)    ALT                                                    GGT

These are liver enzymes. These tests help indicate that there may be a problem with the liver. They may also be abnormal with inflammation of the pancreas.


Elevated calcium levels can be a sign of a wide variety of diseases. The most common cause is lymphosarcoma.


This tests for inflammation of the pancreas and kidneys.

Sodium (Na+)                              Chloride (CL-)         Potassium (K+)

These are important body electrolytes. It is especially important that potassium levels be monitored in sick animals and in animals with decreased kidney function or adrenal disease.

Total Bilirubin (T Bili)

This is a test for jaundice. Increased levels usually indicate a liver disorder (with or without concurrent disease of the pancreas) or damaged red blood cells.

Cholesterol (Chol)             Triglycerides (Trig)

Elevations in these levels may indicate a thyroid condition or a metabolic problem involving the liver.