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Complete Blood Cell Count

Complete Red Blood Cell Count/Hematology

Red Blood Cells (RBC)

This test is used to evaluate red blood cells (size, shape, and number).

Hemoglobin (HB)                   Hematocrit (HCT)

These test for anemia (low levels of red blood cells).

Platelets (PLT)

Platelets help with blood clotting. It is important to make sure that these numbers remain normal or close to normal.

MCV        MCH       MCHC                     Red Blood Cell Morphology

These tests help tell which type of anemia is present.

WBC Differential                    Neutrophils (Segs) Bands    Lymphocytes (Lymphs)            Monocytes (Mono)                   Eosinophils (Eos)                          Basophils (Baso)

These numbers tell how many of each type of white blood cell are present and whether or not they appear normal. White blood cells help fight infection. It is important to know whether the count is low, normal, or high. White blood cell numbers can increase in response to inflammation and infection. In leukemia, a cancer of the blood system, the numbers of white blood cells are increased or their appearance is abnormal. White blood cell numbers can decrease with severe infection or with bone marrow disease.