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Georgetown Animal Clinic, PC</font></strong></font><strong><font color="#0000cc" face="Bookman Old Style" size="5"><br />
<font size="2">5155 Sheridan Dr.</font><font size="2"><br />
Williamsville, NY 14221</font></font></strong><br />
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Georgetown Animal Clinic, PC
5155 Sheridan Dr.
Williamsville, NY 14221

(716) 633-7123
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Hospital Wards

We provide spacious hospitalization wards designed for the comfort and safety of your pet.  We have separate wards for each: dogs, cats, and exotics, as well as a separate isolation ward for those patients with infectious diseases.  We also have observation cages in our treatment room for our most critical patients.  Your pet is always provided with clean and comfortable blankets, plenty of treats, and lots and lots of TLC.
We continually strive to provide our clients and their pets with the best in overall health care in an atmosphere of love and attention
  Georgetown Animal Clinic, PC - Veterinarian serving Williamsville, Amherst and Buffalo NY areas: Separate Wards for Dogs, Cats and Exotics